"Life + Business are just like a camera. 

Focus on what's important, 

Capture the good times, 

Develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, 

Take another shot"


Let's Make 2017 YOUR year

We know that downloading resources is like dopamine to the brain but what now?

Information overload, an overflowing email in-box and a stuffed digital library leaving you to pay for more cloud storage and still bloomin' stuck!

At Fierce + Fab Women we know that success comes from collaboration, support, accountability AND surrounding yourself with a kick-ass group of peeps who totally 'get it'...(the struggle is real).

Girlfriends who are willing to move mountains to get what they want, to do what it takes and have a sh*t load of fun doing it.

Life is too short for feeling like sh*t, beliving the BS, or getting stuck in a beige coloured, fear-based, mindset focusing on 'limitations' versus 'abundance'. 

You want results like, NOW! 

But that means trusting in yourself, trusting in the process, investing in you and taking action!

How can others trust you if you don't trust yourself? Yes, it's time for the 'plot twist' in your story. A new chapter in the life and times of YOU.

Introducing... The Fierce + Fab Clubhouse...

FFW Clubhouse is more than a community, it's a movement + a real space to share the hell yeah's without comparisonitis, bitchiness or green-eyed envy... 

and place to make your business amazing AND profitable.

A place to get a system that suits you like your comfiest shoes and smash through blocks and goals like never before.

"Game faces" off 'cause we know it ain't all unicorns sh*tting rainbows girlfriend...but it should be epic fun!

If you're embarassed by your bank balance (Shhh..secret's safe)


 1:1 coaching or a massively expensive business course isn't an option right now

Maybe you're just busy ALL. THE. TIME but don't actually feel like you're making any dent in that never-ending to-do list. 

You've got that feeling of too much month at the end of your money and too much to-do in the time you've got available (...lies down exhausted).

You KNOW you're an intelligent woman but for the life of you, you cannot seem to stop your wheels spinning and continually reminisce about life before you started this blinkin' business malarkey.

When did it get SO complicated!

Stop being an entrepreneurial island and get amazing support from

a clan of Fierce + Fab women as well as resident experts 

who are laser-focused on one thing....


YOUR success!



Coach extraordinaire + mojo finder with a hilarious laugh and amazing super powers to get you unstuck, defrazzled and over the hump of the crazy. Don't be fooled by her giggles, Colette can play the bad cop role extremely well.


Professional profiler who knows more about you than you. Lover of all things practial and 'how-to'. 

Problem solver and productivity maven. 

Cat's all about business strategy.

I"I didn't think that I needed coaching but the impact so far that it has had on my lifestyle has been immense. Her honesty and straight talking is welcomed during times of confusion" 


"My business was at a standstill. I felt I was going nowhere and I was nervous about finding a coach that understood what I was about. You were there! You held my feet to the fire and I continued to move forward" 

Lisa Marie

Here's What Real Fierce + Fab Women Think...

"Just wanted to thank you again for all your encouragement. I'm finishing moving into my new workshop and I'm so excited. The Clubhouse challenges are helping me find out more about me & my business, helping my confidence grow & feeling comfortable with people to talk about highs and lows"


Jennifer Morrison, Turnstyle13

"‘Before I joined the Clubhouse I was feeling like I wasn’t good enough, totally overwhelmed and burnt-out. My business was causing more stress than joy. 

I have only been in the Clubhouse for a short time and already I notice a huge difference in my mindset. I’m happier, calmer and have more clarity in the direction I want my business to go. 

Cat & Colette's approach is so refreshing - I have tried a lot of paid for online courses, coaching, watching a million webinars, you name it, I've tried it - and this is the first time I have been able to take proper action and most importantly feel comfortable doing it"


Carrie Barr, Bricks 4 Kidz

"I'd been looking for a program that would help me take my business to the next level. I'd been considering how to find the right business coach for me. I like that with my Clubhouse membership I GET TWO coaches. Both of you have different strengths and motivate me in different areas" 


Kelli Stirret, 3K VA Services


The Fierce + Fab Clubhouse is all about women with grit, winning in business and life with a ton of fun thrown in for good measure

> VIP access to our Fierce + Fab Community in the TOP SECRET facebook group AND Virtual Clubhouse packed with SO MUCH GOOD STUFF

> Accountability in shed loads think of it like holding your feet to the fire with hugs

> TWO monthly ZOOM calls coaching + workshop/how-to style-y

> On-going support in the facebook group..A's to your Q's

> Monthly themes to keep your wheels unstuck AND fun homework that works ACTION baby!

> Resident Experts committed to your success; social media, copy + messaging and video marketing...we've got you covered

> Accountability + mindset is our thing so you stop being an entrepreneurial island, grab your mojo by the horns and get your sh*t done + shine

> A ton of fun + shenanigans!





Just want the workbook right now then that's totally cool! 

We understand if people aren't quite ready to make the leap because hey you want to get to know us and you need to trust in yourself.

Crack on with the workbook and we'll be right here when you're ready to jump in and let us help you. 

(the workbook is FREE if you join our clubhouse....just saying)



Join our exclusive Clubhouse AND 

> get the Clubhouse workbook thrown in 

> Our Geniethon workbook for FREE as a brucey bonus ($97)

> Kick-ass community of like-minded women

> Not one but TWO coaches to make sure you get your sh*t done AND feel good about it

> THREE resident experts covering social media, copy + content messaging and video marketing

> A chance to get free promotion for your business

 > $100 off a YOUprint session


YOUprint Session

You want to create YOUR business YOUR way don't you? 

No more cookie cutter approach of taking strategies off the shelf and having hit or miss results wasting your time, energy AND your money! 

> 2 hrs laser coaching + mentoring with Colette + Cat

> 2 tailored profiles on EQ + Entrepreneurial Strengths to take away and use (this is your blueprint)

> 1hr follow-up tailored strategy session to keep you moving

> Private group to get full on support for one month and keep you accountable

> 1 month free of the Clubhouse

What Kelli of 3K VAServices said about the 

YOUprint + The Clubhouse...

Resident Experts Committed to Your Success

If you truly want to work smarter not harder then Jo is our expert on that.

Jo is quite literally blowing up the blueprint.

She is a maven for copy, content machines that work and on point messaging so you can be sure that your brands message reaches the masses and reflects your style and personality.

'I really enjoy helping people achieve their comms and video marketing objectives with video. 

It's a powerful medium and the possibilities are endless!' 

Fynn takes the challenge and myth out of video so you are supported with technical knowhow and his creative flare.

But no really have you met a former special agent who successfully transitioned careers to become a social media maven? 

Cara is our resident expert on all things social media + she's in our clubhouse to help you out.

Let's talk about the weird stuff, the geeky biz stuff and struggles you can't share with your mates. 


We know, your family just don't get it...but we do. 


Stop feeling exhausted, confused and right royally hacked off and get uplifted by those doing their thang. 


This is more than a facebook group... because it's NOT another facebook group! 


Think your ideas are weird? You're in the right place lady!

The Facts Ma'am


We limit the places so that those action takers that are truly ready to invest in themselves get the time and attention they want, need and ultimately paid for. 

Whilst this is not a group or individual programme we know that keeping the numbers tight keeps everyone engaged far easier as there's less noise and we can cut to the nub of issues that help everyone. 

Accountability is key in this Clubhouse and we can only give you that if the numbers are kept to a tight level. 

We want to see you flourish and be the Fierce + Fab Woman that we know you are. 


>> Are you waking up in the wee small hours in a cold sweat panicking about where the money is going to come from to feed your prosecco habit...or in reality, keep the roof over your head? 

>> Are you breaking a sweat every day learning what the next trend is and the next and the next yet you still haven't worked this business gig out? 

>> Are you struggling to find those amazing customers that cannot wait to whip out their credit card...take my money already! 

>> Are you a lone wolf with a 'I can do all of this myself' attitude but are heading full pelt towards burnout and loss of passion for your thang? 

>> Are you willing to learn, take blunt feedback, get your shiznit together, take action and finally start moving towards the success you crave? 

>> Whether you class yourself as a creative, entrepreneur, wild woman, woo woo lover, team (no team), coach, nutrionist you're in the right place Fierce + Fab Woman!




>> You need to be coachable and that can feel jaggy if we're calling you out on BS or challenging what you know. If you're not ready for those types of conversations then it's not for you

>> If you're still scared to take a well thought out risk and get the help you need or are still google surfing and downloading freebies hoping that suddenly someone will give away everything you need for free - not gonna happen.

>> If you're still focused on the 'cost' of getting help (other than what's available in a free facebook community), group coaching or 1:1 coaching because you are only focused on the 'money', then honey, maybe you're not ready to invest in yourself or believe that you can reap the value and benefit of what these approaches can bring. Think about the 'cost' of not getting help for another 6 months. Whilst all results vary, if you know you won't take action then it's not the right time

>> If you've got a steady stream of clients banging down your door to pay you then you don't need us. Get cracking and create the lifestyle you deserve and stop reading this! 


Have a glass of your favourite tipple instead and catch up on a netflix sesh. We'll still be here when you're ready. 



When you commit to the Fierce + Fab Clubhouse you invest and commit to believing you can change your business. You are ultimatly investing in your future and your commitment to take action.

You get two live monthly calls with Colette + Cat so you can ask anything. We get A's to your Q's! They're a mix of coaching, mentoring or workshops - why? because we deliver what you need.

You get a FFW workbook that is jam packed with everything from goals, mindset, selling, productivity, your WHY, big vision stuff and loads more. We use this as the basis of our calls but we can always go off piste for something specific if you get stuck. 

You get invited into the private FFW Clubhouse VIP community where all the late-night girlie chats finally sort your plan for world domination.

All the call recordings and resources are posted in the community topic pages so you never miss a thing. We might all be in different timezones but hey the chat is 24/7. 

We run mini challenges and sprints to keep you motivated and supported to reach your goal. This is not a pile of resources and a 'get on with it' kinda place. Nope, we're all about action, accountability and getting your sh*t done!

The Geniethon Goals workbook that will set you up every single year to make sure you create goals you can achieve and don't stay stuck on your vision board.

You get to learn from the best, our THREE resident experts who are the best in their fields and who are committed to your success.

Colette + Cat will be popping in and out of the community to answer questions but hey, we never claim to know everything so we want you to share and learn from each other. 






 Of course you can girlfriend, we ain't taking any hostages in this community but... 

Please think carefully about it as you may not be able to rejoin at the same price or with the same conditions. 

This is a safe space to learn, let our game faces slip + build real relationships through real conversations and in order to do that we discourage people jumping in and out of membership. That also means we fiercely protect our content for our committed FFW members and can ensure it is of the highest quality. 

We don't want people dowloading all the content only to bugger off. Yep, the interwebs is awash with it and it's our way of protecting our dedicated clan of FFWs who have invested in themselves. 

Each monthly payment grants you access to our exclusive Clubhouse. If you decide to cancel you're membership will cease immediately.

We do plan to add a joining fee on top of the monthly membership in the future as the amount of resources and value mounts up. It's only fair to existing clubhouse members and to keep the value of what we offer.


Dead simple, all sales are final. 

You will receive a value-packed digital workbook on receipt of your first months payment.

The FFW Clubhouse shares resources that are digitally held as well as the cost of accessing two coaches therefore we cannot offer any refunds.


Whilst we don't hold you to anything we do encourage you to stay for a minimum of 3 months so you can start reaping the benefits of inspired action and immerse yourself in the community to get to know people and learn from them.

Of course if you decide The Clubhouse is not your bag we don't hold grudges as we want you to find the right support for you and your business. 

To keep everything as smooth as possible if you do decide to leave (sad face) you must provide us with 4 weeks notice by emailing us at: [mailto:] We will then stop your recurring payment and you will have access until the next payment would have fallen. If you cancel direct from your paypal account without notice you will be removed immediately.

>> When the doors open, as soon as you purchase you'll get instant access to the FFW Clubhouse workbook to get you kick-started (It's like homework but totally fun!) 

>> Get a FFW Clubhouse love letter from Colette + Cat so you know exactly what happens next (exciting times ahead) 

>> You'll get a reminder within the Clubhouse Community when the twice monthly live Fierce + Fab Women chats and Q+A's are happening (and get a recording so you never miss a thing) 

>> Access to the private and intimate Fierce + Fab Women community where you can ask burning questions, get honest feedback, share the struggles and share the mahoosive or tiny wins (this is more than a facebook group, this is like late night chats with girlfriends over your favourite tipple)